Digital Unlocked: A Beginner's Guide to Digital Pharma

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Digital Unlocked by Faisal Ahmed and Paul Tunnah

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The digital space can be a daunting place for beginners. There are so many different social media channels and techniques, and the pace of change is ridiculously fast. Every day there seems to be a new buzzword around, the latest new social media tool has just emerged and it can feel like there's no easy place to begin and no hope of keeping up. Well don't worry, everything you need to know about digital pharma is here in this expert starter guide, written by Dr Paul Tunnah and Faisal Ahmed and published by the PM Society. 

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Paul Tunnah     Faisal Ahmed
Paul Tunnah and Faisal Ahmed
A book for pharmaceutical and healthcare marketers (and other pharma folk we're sure) that is called Digital Unlocked – A Beginner's Guide to Digital Pharma. Some of you may not consider yourselves 'beginners', but there's something here to learn for everyone, something to challenge your thinking and something to help. 
It includes collation of topics from Faisal and Paul, ranging from such potentially simple areas as 'start with a plan' to the more complex 'gamification', or the dark art of 'SEO'. With a glossary and helpful advice and references throughout there is also a special section on regulation which ensures you always work with the Code of Practice in mind.
If you're not a regular tweeter, find the thought of comments appearing on your blog terrifying, or simply don't know what half the new words being bandied around mean, then fear not, this guide will help you walk the path of digital and emerge confident and sufficiently knowledgeable to work on a campaign or activity.
“This book gave me great insights into digital pharma. It gives some very real examples and hands-on advice that you can really act upon straight away. Written from an advisory perspective rather than promotional, it sets the scene nicely and in my opinion is a must-read for pharma veterans who are digital beginners. Digital experts who just entered pharma will also benefit, gaining insights into industry-specific regulations. Win-win.”
Commercial manager, pharma company 
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