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RF welcomed new members Caroline Benson, Craig Mills and Kam Pooni to their first committee meeting.  She advised that the meeting would be devoted to discussing the Society’s interest groups, of which there are currently three: Patient Engagement, Market Access and Digital.  The introduction of a new interest group Agency/Pharma Collaboration, a joint effort with the IPA and PM Society, will be discussed at the next meeting when it is hoped that Phil Bartlett will be present.

RF commented that the interest groups are a way for people to become involved in particular topics without becoming involved in all the Society’s activities.



The group is currently being jointly chaired by RS (Ruth Slater) and CB with help from RH, DW and CM who will be joining the group.  It was agreed that there is a need to define the PEIG and to ensure that the group’s agenda is made clear in order to attract people from all disciplines and not just to those with PE in their job titles.

CB advised that that the group will be using the results of both a survey and an online patient discussion session carried out earlier as a basis for developing articles which will be published in the journals. 

The next meeting of the group will take place on 11 Oct from 10-12 at the offices of the ABPI and anyone interested in attending should contact CB or Helen (office no. 01403 264898).  CB would like to invite pharma to attend the meeting and will issue a carefully framed invitation in order to attract attendance.

The group plans on holding an event early in the New Year with invited speakers.  DM will forward details of a potential speaker from Health Unlimited who could be of help.



The group is chaired by Craig Bradley (CB) with help from Hassan Chaudhury (HC), GC and RP.  The group is well supported by pharma and agency and has held four meetings. 

A survey had been carried out with the objective of determining how well market access is understood, what the barriers and opportunities were and how market access is defined.  The results of the survey would form the basis of a half day event to be held on 2 November.

Consideration was given to the agenda for an educational meeting put forward by the group planned for late 2017/early 2018. There was a lot of positive feedback on the session on Accountable Care Systems as well as all elements with a practical educational tone. There was less interest in a debate format or for too much content around the MA Interest Group itself for this event. The team will be fine tuning the agenda and agreeing on a date for this meeting.



Carwyn Jones has been the lead for this group which, for the last three years, has focussed on the Digital Awards, Digital Works meetings and Digital Breakfasts.   CM felt strongly that the group is well placed to address much larger issues and could work across agency/pharma to help make improvements.  It could also reach beyond the industry and work with internships and students, bringing in external talent.

Members were excited at the prospect of improving the remit of the group and the different areas in which it could take the Society

RF will discuss with CJ and the exec team at a meeting on 19 Sept with a view to re-structuring the group and setting an agenda for the year.



The next meeting will take place at the ABPI from 3-5 pm on Thursday, 7 December and will be followed by an early Christmas social gathering at All Bar One.



(All Thursdays):  8 March; 7 June; 13 September; 8 December. 

If you are interested in joining the PM Society in any capacity please email Vivien Bennett viven@pmsociety.org.uk or Helen Eade helen@pmsociety.org.uk at the PM Society office.