Team Essie is about raising awareness and funding for Chestnut Tree House, a children’s hospice charity that helped Steve and Lorna Cobbett look after their daughter Essie during her short 18 month life.

Essie is a triplet who suffered a catastrophic brain injury at birth and was diagnosed as being life limited when she was 11 days old. When she entered her end of life phase, in typical Essie style, she fought through three episodes at Chestnut Tree House to say "not now" and came home and spend some more time with her triplet brother and sister - as well as her family. For her last two end of life episodes, it became clear to Essie’s parents that she wanted to be at home for her remaining days- so through the support of Chestnut Tree House, they were able to do so.

Essie fought through five end of life episodes from the end of March 2017 before she left to be a shooting star at 2:12am on Sunday 13 August 2017. She was determined to live life in her own way and in her own terms and truly fought each and every day to live a little bit longer and be around her family and friends.

Without Chestnut Tree House giving Steve and Lorna support and help with Essie they don't know what they would have done. It is not an exaggeration to say that this charity changed their lives and they will always be truly grateful for this.

In many ways Team Essie is a small way to say a very big thank you. Chestnut Tree House is a charity that only gets less than 10% of the funding it needs each and every year from the UK Government - so your money is very much needed and goes directly to helping 300 families like Steve and Lorna's that have their own Essie.

Thank you

Team Essie xxx
(founded by Steve and Lorna, supported by Essie's triplet brother and sister - Roman and Eva)

Chestnut Tree House is a registered charity, its website is here. You can find out more about Team Essie at the Facebook Page here and also on Instagram (@mummylovesessie) where Essie’s Mummy continues to tell Essie’s story.