Digital Interest Group member David Reilly (LetsLearnDigital) has compiled below a list of useful links regarding digital innovation in the UK Pharmaceutical Sector for PM Society members to help get up to speed with latest developments.

General digital innovation
Excellent read from Mckinsey: the-road-to-digital-success-in-pharma
Embracing Digital Transformation in the Pharma and Healthcare Sectors (paid subscriptions)
What digital Innovation in healthcare will look like:


From British Medical Journal: Primary healthcare, disruptive innovation, and the digital gold rush

Delivering the benefits of digital health care

How Public Health England (PHE) will make best use of digital to meet the needs of our users to promote health and reduce inequalities.

How Digital disrupters and startups are taking on big pharma


Digital Health London

Wired health UK

Blockchain in Pharma
Blockchain in pharma: opportunities in the supply chain
Big Pharma builds blockchain prototype to stop counterfeits

Blockchain Technology in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Can Blockchain Solve Pharma’s Trust Problem
Who Will Build the Health-Care Blockchain?

How Blockchain can revolutionize Healthcare and Medical Records

Blockchain networking and events
Ethereum Working Group- Healthcare
Blockchain Meetup Groups:
London Healthcare Blockchain

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence in Pharma and Care Delivery
The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Medical Innovation in the European Union and United States
5 UK tech firms using AI to transform healthcare

Artificial Intelligence networking