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Digital Pioneer Award 2013

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WinnerKai Gait

Company: GSK
Kai Gait
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Kai has been working at the forefront of pharma digital from the beginning, in a world where the term pioneer was really relevant and accurate. His achievements range through integrated marketing campaigns that deliver real value and return on investment, to pioneering clinician communities, social media engagement and change management. His nomination reflects the quality of his work over a sustained period of time working in some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. These include -

1) Development of as a pilot project, demonstrating unification of healthcare sites across the company, now implemented in 32 markets globally as the standard platform for Pharmaceutical business;

2) Development of a pre-Commerce trading platform for pharmacists. Designed around customer need/preference and utilising FMCG experiences into the workflow to provide customers with process familiarity, therefore reducing barriers to adoption;

3) Implementation of one of the earliest integrated multi-channel programmes utilising realtime customer feedback to drive engagement and peer learning. The programme demonstrated a ROI of over 170%;

4) Development of one of the world’s leading Cardiovascular portals (top 3) with over 75,000 engaged specialists receiving information through a bespoke designed, behavioural learning CMS;

5) Utilised multiple Social Media channels to improve customer service for specific customer segments.

Finalist: Richard Greatorex

Company: Idis

Richard Greatorex
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Richard has been a true pioneer in digital communication, demonstrating how embracing digital media across multiple platforms and channels can transform a way a business interacts with its customers and at the same time create an innovative, forward-looking internal culture, which has shown measurable business results. 

He has embraced digital media internally to drive employee engagement in the Idis brand proposition, encouraging staff members across multiple countries to get actively involved in contributing to building the Idis brand. This has generated excitement amongst employees and set a realisation for those beyond the marketing team that they to have the opportunity to get involved in building the Idis brand. In particular, however, Richard has embraced digital initiatives to transform customer communication and the way business is done at Idis. An example of just some of the digital initiatives Richard has implemented are:

Internal communication, using multiple channels. Richard led the roll out a global training programme. He personally traveled to every office, leading each event ensuring 100% involvement. He even used an appropriate digital location for the training - cinemas!

An extensive innovative social media campaign which has directly generated multiple sales leads, re-energising the sales teams and producing tangible results. 

Launching a series of films that encapsulate the Idis brand, which were used not only to integrate with the online marketing campaign, but also to support a highly successful speaking event at a conference in Orlando (Partnerships in Clinical Trials).

Richard has managed internal stakeholders, embedding a new approach into their culture and ensuring a smooth approval process every step of the way. His enthusiasm and willingness to roll his sleeves up and work to track down real patients across the globe to film has ensured authenticity of our message. 

The result is fully integrated, multi-channel digital campaign using the most innovative technologies, giving a new twist to their traditional, powerful brand proposition of “putting the patients at the heart of everything they do” that has already reached more potential customers than ever before.

Finalist: Neil Hardy

Company: AstraZeneca

Neil Hardy
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In a tightly regulated and often restricted industry, Neil is a breath of fresh air. Always open-minded, audience and insight led, he has an innate ability to push work right to the boundary – whilst never stepping over it. Using years of experience coupled with an unerring hunger for external non pharma influences, Neil has helped lead the AZ/BMS alliance in to ground breaking territory. Ranging from the famed motion capture virtual characters that stormed EASD 2012 to the Hypo Glycaemic Simulators at EASD last year and the ‘Diabetes Man’ gesture walls. 

He is a passionate voice, driving innovation and digital expertise within the departments he interacts with. He strives for multi-use and multi-channel across all deliverables and always ensures that technology is merely an enabler rather than the purpose.

Neil’s work has been recognised and awarded both within the industry but also internally within AstraZeneca.

Finalist: David McCormick

Company: Roche Products Ltd UK

David McCormick
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David brings extensive understanding of the digital marketplace together with a fresh approach and enjoys supporting teams across the Roche business to understand how they can integrate digital to enhance their engagement with stakeholders for a real business benefit. David’s digital expertise supports a range of business elements from sales and marketing to corporate communications.

David’s UK work has brought the UK company to the forefront of global digital discussions at Roche for the first time. His digital strategy provided direction for the European and Global teams and David quickly became the ‘go-to’ person for digital questions at Roche. 

David led the work on SHARE+, an award winning, innovative offline event that changed the way UK patient groups view their digital and social media strategies. This meeting was the first of its kind, providing practical advice and support for organisations where knowledge gaps, resourcing and budgetary challenges often make implementation a real challenge. SHARE+ is now providing a template for best practice within Roche globally.

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