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Digital solution for congress / symposium

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The PriMe programme has been developed for the industry by the industry with modules covering all aspects of marketing, PriMe offers flexible training options using a modular approach designed to meet the needs of a wide range of delegates. Through interactive and engaging workshops, delegates are equipped with highly relevant skills and knowledge which they can immediately apply in their daily roles.


By: DDB Remedy
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MSD wanted to offer an interactive, engaging and informative experience for delegates to the EULAR 2012 congress, whilst also showcasing a new creative campaign for Simponi, reinforcing key messages for brands and encouraging delegates to interact with each brand. 1831 delegates registered for a unique QR-pass to participate in the booth 'Walk of Knowledge' which pushed the boundaries of what had been done for previous congresses. Backed up by client feedback the design and activities clearly stood out from competitors and the response from delegates was very positive with 73% of visitors agreeing to receive further information by email.

Judges said:

This was a great use of digital interaction and from the quality of data collected the team were able to deliver outstanding outcomes for the brands.

Highly Commended: Virtual X-Ray Skeleton


Virtual X-Ray Skeleton Virtual X-Ray Skeleton Virtual X-Ray Skeleton
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Key data on Prolia was to be presented at the ECCEO congress.  This data needed to be delivered in a highly intriguing, informative and relevant manner in order to drive HCPs to the booth. By maximising engagement, the length of stay on booth is increased and the brand team could effectively highlight the benefits of Prolia through a fully interactive experience. Thanks to bespoke programming of the Microsoft Kinect device the Virtual X-Ray skeleton was developed to mirror user's movements in realtime and trigger relevant sales messages to be displayed. The Skeleton created a real buzz around the congress and many delegates visited multiple times to see it in action.

Judges said:

Impressive to see such an excellent use of resources in a very short space of time. Great innovation, very creative and definitely scalable - we look forward to hearing about future developments.

Commended: The SPOT Challenge

By: eBee Health

The SPOT Challenge The SPOT Challenge The SPOT Challenge
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In 2012 the EDF published new guidelines on acne treatment in which Duac was positioned favourably, so it was beneficial to patients for dermatologists to have up to date and accurate information on the new guidance. A digital game was created to teach dermatologists the guidelines and make them realise that they may not have known these as well as they thought. Launched at the EADV conference, the dermatologists' competitive spirit was challenged through a game, to treat as many acne patients in 2 minutes, gaining points for each patient treated in line with the guidelines. Delegates were very positive about the game and it clearly raised interest in learning more.

Judges said:

A good clear concept with an objective that’s well aligned to the strategic goal. Great to see a company successfully launching a game and making it work.

Finalist: Uncovering Psoriasis


Uncovering Psoriasis Uncovering Psoriasis Uncovering Psoriasis
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In order to stand out at exhibitions, innovative ideas using the latest technology were needed to improve dermatologists' understanding of Stelara and support their approach to psoriasis treatment. Psoriasis Assessment Clinics, the Psoriasis App and T-Celleration were showcased at congresses across the UK and Europe to great effect. The 'clinic' is an Augmented Reality programme whereby virtual patients are projected with varying levels of psoriasis. The Psoriasis App was used to assess severity level which enabled delegates to trial the app. T-Cellaration is an arcade game which shows the proliferation of psoriasis where players had to use Stelara to slow or halt the disease. A purpose built 'arcade' podium attracted delegates to the stand, with addictive and easy to play elements. Delegates enjoyed taking part whilst being informed about Stelara's novel mode of action.

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