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Craft Award - Film and animation

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WinnerI did this with Idis

By: Langland
I did this with Idis I did this with Idis I did this with Idis
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The objective of this series of documentary films is to communicate the positive impact Named Patient Medicines provided by Idis Managed Access Programs (MAPs) have on people’s lives. The films were shot in an authentic style, on location and without scripts. The desire was to create an experience that is not only beautiful to watch, but educational, demonstrating the tangible benefits a MAP can offer to people, regardless of their location.

The films are delivered through a responsive website designed to immerse the user in a journey that allows them to explore the different stories. Each film is complemented by an editorial providing further background and context to the wider issue in that county. The entire experience is intended to present a soft call to action to find out more about Idis and Managed Access Programs (MAPs) without detracting from the integrity of the stories.

Highly Commended: Meningitis: Keep Watching - a film for parents

By: Ruder Finn

Meningitis: Keep Watching - a film for parents Meningitis: Keep Watching - a film for parents Meningitis: Keep Watching - a film for parents
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A 60 second film was created with three meningitis charities and parent focus groups. It shows siblings role playing doctors and nurses with their sick dolly, interspersed with a narrative about the dark reality of meningitis. Real-life siblings were cast to ensure chemistry. For authenticity, the film was shot at St Mary's Hospital, one of the worlds leading meningitis centres. The film was created to be the centrepiece of a social media campaign to raise awareness of meningitis. It was housed on a campaign Facebook page and YouTube channel, promoted through TV/online advertising and mother and baby cinema screenings.

Commended: Levact Ageing Morph : Congress Film

By: Cherry

Levact Ageing Morph : Congress Film Levact Ageing Morph : Congress Film Levact Ageing Morph : Congress Film
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Cherry created a large screen video for prominent display at the Mundipharma congress stand displaying the face of a woman slowly aging from her late forties to an age of approximately 85-90 years old. A strapline questioned physicians “Are your expectations of me changing?” The morphing animation that aged a potential patient was an engaging way to personify and hence directly challenge physicians’ preconceptions for their patients based on age. Even physicians who may not be consciously aware of any bias were forced to reconsider their view. State-of-the-art facial prosthetics and makeup artistry gave a level of realism to the aging process that disarmed physicians and captured their attention as they approached the stand. The hand-sketched style of the supporting animation created a narrative to bring the clinical data to life in a patient-centric way promoting engagement with the clinical evidence.

Finalist: In the next minute

By: Big Pink

In the next minute In the next minute In the next minute
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The key objectives of the video were to highlight the need for digital communication in healthcare, set an appropriate tone for the educational programme, and build enthusiasm about a new approach to marketing that focuses more heavily on digital channels. The video was broadcast through the Pfizer offices, on communal screens, the company intranet and sent via email to relevant members of the marketing teams. Its fast-paced approach, fresh styling and energetic tone beautifully highlighted the need for change, without patronising the viewer or indeed exposing their current lack of understanding.

Finalist: Everyday Objects

By: DDB Remedy

Everyday Objects Everyday Objects Everyday Objects
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This simple video highlights in an enlightening and entertaining way the beneficial outcome of treatment with Simponi. Its creativity lies in the intriguing way the everyday objects and hands perform the simple tasks that cause problems for people with RA, holding the attention until the final reveal. Using a short, 45 second, live action and digital animation video the viewer sees hands holding, squeezing, twisting, turning and pulling various objects. All of these manoeuvres are important for everyday activities and people who have RA are likely to experience difficulty performing some or all of these functions. The activity the hands are involved in eventually reveal the brand name along with the strapline, 'Put everyday life back in their hands'.

Finalist: DrewFrank agency self-promotion

By: DrewFrank Ltd

DrewFrank agency self-promotion DrewFrank agency self-promotion DrewFrank agency self-promotion
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DrewFrank’s business model is to run a small in-house creative team supported by a network of outsourced creative talent. The campaign objective was to communicate that creative excellence is determined not by the size of the agency but by the quality of its talent. The campaign communicates that their flexible way of working makes it possible to provide creative excellence that is always cost-effective. The strategy was to give a name to this way of working; SMART SOURCING and to identify a succinct and engaging vehicle that would help the agency communicate their messages and personality. Animation was chosen to explain the proposition in a succinct but engaging way. When the content is unfamiliar to your target audience, animation can provide a neat solution. The script is memorable, to the point, fun and slightly edgy. The illustration style and animation techniques work together to explain their differentiator for example, through a series of creative 'character icons' which represent how they outsource talented people. Visuals and humour result in digestible messages for example, an alternative perspective on a well know cliché 'thinking outside the box'. Overall the intention was to keep it simple with the animation to ensure the visuals enhance rather than distract from the message.

Finalist: MS Dialog animation

By: emotive

MS Dialog animation MS Dialog animation MS Dialog animation
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MSDialog is a novel PC, phone and tablet platform that extracts data from an electronic injection device and displays it alongside subjective patient-input data. This provides a platform for patients and physicians to have more meaningful conversations. The challenge was to develop an animation communicating the benefits of MSDialog in a way that would be easy to understand and appealing to both patients and physicians. The basis of the animation is a simple story following a patient and a doctor using MSDialog to have a more effective consultation and optimise the time they have together. The simple infographic style ensured it was appealing to all audience types and textured effects were used throughout the design to make it feel more tactile and human. Each element was created individually and situated within one large canvas allowing the camera to pan from scene to scene but also show the interconnectivity of MSDialog as a whole.

Finalist: Seretide Asthma Patient Video


Seretide Asthma Patient Video Seretide Asthma Patient Video Seretide Asthma Patient Video
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Despite being a leader in Asthma, Seretide’s biggest challenge was protecting share and driving volume growth.  The objectives were to improve patient education and thereby adherence to Seretide, with the aim of improved patient outcomes, increased sales and reduced attrition due to poor control, by supporting GPs/their patients to make the most of Seretide.

The video combines audio and creative visual elements to deliver the story of asthma and Seretide in a novel way. Filming against greenscreen with scripted actions, enabled the video team to confidently interweave illustrations and audio around model’s movements to produce a dynamic and striking effect. Dynamic transitions and a unique animation style supported by friendly voiceover helps patients believe and retain the information and drives GPs and patients to interact and engage with health.gsk’s online hub whilst promoting other high value resources.

Some of the material on these pages may be intended for viewing only by UK healthcare professionals.

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