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Craft Award - Gamification

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WinnerJAK Pathways Augmented Reality Challenge

By: Digitas Health
JAK Pathways Augmented Reality Challenge JAK Pathways Augmented Reality Challenge JAK Pathways Augmented Reality Challenge
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Rheumatologists are ‘tinkerers’ who like to test, evaluate and adjust treatment as they deem necessary. The team behind the game appealed to the curiosity and exploratory sensibility of their target audience by creating a gamified augmented reality experience that delighted and allowed them to learn about a new type of science and JAK inhibitors, mode-of-action at the same time.

The experience comprised a multifaceted 3D object that delegates held in front of an iPad. Each side of this physical object triggered a 3D augmented reality image to appear. The 3D images represented different steps in the JAK pathway. The aim of the experience was to ‘build up’ a JAK pathway, by selecting the images in the correct order. Upon completion, a 3D animation showing the whole JAK pathway sequence played. An equally engaging desktop translation and self-led iPad app was also delivered. Affecting and controlling RA and joint erosion through JAK pathways represents an entirely new level of science. The MOA was simplified into easy to understand chapters and used a character from the MOA -a cytokine -to design the augmented reality anchor.

Finalist: Levact Sales Rep Game

By: Cherry

Levact Sales Rep Game Levact Sales Rep Game Levact Sales Rep Game
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A frustrated sales force that faced complex clinical questions and objections from clinicians that they felt poorly equipped to handle meant that something needed to be done to improve comprehension, top-of-mind recall and confidence with Levact core clinical evidence, while at the same time motivating reps with a fun game-based scenario and a competitive challenge. A training game was designed and was an unexpected alternative to a traditional rep training programme. The whimsical storyline added an element of humour to engage reps while the use of a 3D environment heightened the motivational aspect of the game. The inclusion of a speed factor in the scoring algorithm reinforced the importance of quick recall of important facts in establishing credibility in sales calls with highly specialised clinicians.

Finalist: The SPOT Challenge

By: eBee Health

The SPOT Challenge The SPOT Challenge The SPOT Challenge
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At the EADV conference, the competitive spirit of dermatologists was challenged through a game – treat as many acne patients as you can in 2 minutes, gaining points for each patient treated in line with the guidelines. Players could access the guidelines at any point, and were notified of the ‘correct’ answer for every decision they made that conflicted with the guidelines. To further enhance learning, players reviewed their decisions at the end. Points were shown on a leader board displayed prominently on the conference stand, encouraging players to beat their friend’s scores – or play again and beat their own! SPOT is set in a waiting room, and uses an 8 bit graphic style to remind our audience of childhood gaming. 320 sprites of 20 ‘patients’ were created and coded such that they wander around the screen interacting with other objects until they are selected by the user – they may pick up a magazine, take a drink from the water cooler, or even walk to the front desk and argue with the receptionist. Points are then calculated using an algorithm based on the recommendations in the guidelines and how long the character has been waiting (demonstrated by a ‘happiness score’).

Finalist: Incivo Labyrinth


Incivo Labyrinth Incivo Labyrinth Incivo Labyrinth
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There was a real challenge to think ‘outside of the box’ in order to find a novel way of communicating the Incivo “Urgency to treat” message with HCPs and increase footfall at the Incivo EASL stand. By utilising the iPad ‘tilt’ functionality the Labyrinth game delivers challenges HCPs to navigate patients through a maze (Incivo’s brand identity). An educational yet engaging application was developed, allowing HCPs to select their patient upfront, and enabling the brand to deliver key messages in a succinct and innovative way – the lower the patient’s fibrosis stage, the easier it is to navigate through the maze.

Finalist: Stelara T Celleration


Stelara T Celleration Stelara T Celleration Stelara T Celleration
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Dermatologists perceive that Stelara is the same as other biologics on the market and are not fully aware of its impressive efficacy. Tasked to come up with a novel, engaging way to ensure customers understood that Stelara works in a different way to other biologics the team developed a game, ‘T-Celleration’, which showed the proliferation of psoriasis in which players had to use Stelara to slow or halt disease progression. A purpose built ‘arcade’ podium was manufactured to encourage delegate participation and as it was developed in the style of an arcade game it enticed delegates to the stand, while being absolutely science focussed.

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