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Integrated multi-channel campaign

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WinnerMeningitis: Keep Watching takes the digital space by storm

By: Ruder Finn
Meningitis: Keep Watching takes the digital space by storm Meningitis: Keep Watching takes the digital space by storm Meningitis: Keep Watching takes the digital space by storm
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68% of parents are unaware that vaccines dont protect against all types of meningitis, which may lead to lower vigilance and delays seeking treatment. The objective was to increase parental knowledge that children arent fully protected against meningitis by 20%. The target audience was defined as mums with young babies who are undergoing immunisation. Research shows that this group are digitally savvy and active in both on and offline community channels (Facebook, mother and baby events, Netmums etc). The strategy utilised these multiple channels, generating numerous touchpoints to engage mothers with the life-saving message: Keep Watching for meningitis.

A two-way dialogue Facebook page was developed to enable easy sharing of campaign messages. Educational materials including a quiz were developed along with other tools to help parents spread the word. The campaign film was screened at Picturehouse parent and baby cinema screenings, supported by TV and social media advertising, a Twitter campaign and blogger/media relations.

Judges said:

A really cohesive and coherent campaign that worked across all channels. The video is very powerful and the integration of charities and transparency of the campaign is very impressive.

Finalist: Qdem and Longtec multichannel

By: bmore creative

Qdem and Longtec multichannel Qdem and Longtec multichannel Qdem and Longtec multichannel
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NAPP were faced with the challenge of one of their biggest brands (OxyContin) coming off patent and potentially losing business and revenue to Generic houses. They took the decision to create their own Generic company - QDEM and produce Longtec. NAPP had no digital knowledge and needed a partner to walk them through the entire process. New corporate branding and website with an overview of Qdem as a company was developed; an online edetail and microsite for Longtec was produced and promoted to HCPs, including an online business case generator; an offline Apple iOS app including an offline version of the business case generator; press ads; banner ads; email campaign; printed and letter based targeted campaign; and a bespoke mechanical 3D leave piece were all developed as part of this multi-channel campaign.

Finalist: Care Challenge Multi-Channel Campaign

By: Digitas Health

Care Challenge Multi-Channel Campaign Care Challenge Multi-Channel Campaign Care Challenge Multi-Channel Campaign
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It’s no secret that nurses are underserved and underappreciated so Sanofi launched a global innovations competition - ‘Care Challenge’ - inviting nurses to share their innovations and allow them to have their moment in the sun. The campaign comprised of a dynamic and engaging digital toolkit that included posters, banners, leaflets, a video, and a website. The campaign invited them to submit their ideas that can change the world. It was very successful with almost 900 entries from across the globe. Twenty winners were selected out of which ten opted to be filmed and highlighted on the Care Challenge website as "Nurses In The Limelight", and the other ten received funding to develop their ideas further. The toolkit was crafted specially as a call-to-action for the nurses to help change the world. Each market localised the assets and encouraged nurses to enter the awards. The special YouTube video featured nurses in their own words and created a tremendous groundswell of awareness and participation.

Finalist: IOF multi-channel campaign

By: Digitas Health

IOF multi-channel campaign IOF multi-channel campaign IOF multi-channel campaign
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The International Osteoporosis Foundation aims to raise awareness of osteoporosis and better bone health. They wanted a campaign toolkit for their global delegates for use online and at events on October 20, world osteoporosis day. This was to coincide with the release of their annual scientific report titled "Capture The Fracture". The campaign needed to galvanise participation at local events and garner media attention to amplify its message. A multi-channel toolkit helped unify the message globally while optimising spending, and providing the IOF a global platform.

By crafting the right campaign strategy and making efficient use of resources, the International Osteoporosis Foundation was able to provide its global affiliates the right set of tools in a kit to maximise the impact of their efforts. The toolkit strategy proved enormously successful. Furthermore, the online uptake was impressive with almost 625 newspapers, sites, bloggers and journalists across 45 countries writing about the IOF and the campaign. There was also broadcast news coverage of themed events.

Finalist: Incivo integrated Multi-channel campaign


Incivo integrated Multi-channel campaign Incivo integrated Multi-channel campaign Incivo integrated Multi-channel campaign
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An integrated, multi-channel campaign, with complementary patient and HCP tactics was developed to raise awareness of INCIVO, the new hope it brings for hepatitis C patients and to help drive informed conversations. For HCPs, tactics included a fully tailored interactive patient profiles; an emotive video highlighting the burden of hep C on patients; a suite of impactful iPad applications to launch the “Urgency to Treat” messaging at EASL. For patients, tactics included the Stop Hep C website, a central hub for hep C patients where they can view comprehensive disease and treatment information, add their own promise the to “wall” to become part of the online community, download useful PDFs to take to their HCPs and a preparation tool designed to assess a patient’s potential readiness for treatment.

Finalist: Zytiga Integrated Multi-Channel Campaign


Zytiga Integrated Multi-Channel Campaign Zytiga Integrated Multi-Channel Campaign Zytiga Integrated Multi-Channel Campaign
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The campaign set out to utilise multi-channel communications to facilitate engagement with stakeholders, establishing Zytiga as the backbone therapy for patients with mCRPC. It aimed to raise awareness and understanding of mCRPC amongst clinical/non-clinical stakeholder groups and to empower customers to drive/own/implement solutions. They achieved this through a suite of tools highlighting the benefits of Zytiga in both the Post-ADT and Post-Docetaxel setting.

Incorporating findings from comprehensive audience profiling/segmentation ensured that messaging was tailored to meet needs of each target audience. An eDetail/website design was structured to allow for content evolution allowing for swift updates to ensure relevant, up-to-date content. Additionally Nurse Modules helped to raise awareness and understanding of mCRPC amongst CNS with modules focused on educating CNS on the benefits of Zytiga and case studies used to add real world perspective on data.

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