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Craft Award - Mobile

Sponsored by OPEN LEC

OPEN LEC are the creative and brand specialists within OPEN Health. We strive to constantly innovate, pride ourselves on bringing data to life and build brands that make a difference. We also love a challenge. When we were asked to instigate a change in GP behaviour, getting them to do something they had never done before, we jumped at the chance – particularly when we heard there was no sales force. Through our integrated digital campaign, we have not only directly driven a significant upturn in sales, but also developed one of the most powerful case studies in the industry.

WinnerSymbicort Mobile App

By: Digitas Health
Symbicort Mobile App Symbicort Mobile App Symbicort Mobile App
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Symbicort Turbuhaler was perceived by HCPs and patients as a complicated device and brand recall was not high. The global marketing team wanted to help local markets counter that scenario. So a mobile solution was developed for reps to support physicians in educating patients on the correct use of the device. The mobile app taught physicians how the new packaging functioned and the intricate workings of the science behind it. A simple to use interactive mobile experience that brings the device to life in a virtual iPad and iPhone based presentation that can be used by HCPs on their own time and a useful engagement device with their patients. The approach also attempted to facilitate a closer discussion between the HCP and their patients. The mobile app shows how the device works to disseminate the two active drug components into the appropriate areas of the lungs, and how to use the device.

Judges said:

It's simplicity is so effective! Loved it – simply brilliant.

Highly Commended: JAK Pathways Mobile App

By: Digitas Health

JAK Pathways Mobile App JAK Pathways Mobile App JAK Pathways Mobile App
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A mobile app was developed to create an engaging augmented reality experience to increase awareness around, and engage rheumatologists with, the role of JAK pathways in inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis. Specific goals were to encourage delegates to spend more time at Pfizer’s booth and facilitate a deeper level of engagement with the unbranded content; to continue the experience post Congress with the downloadable app; become more aware and more comfortable with the science of JAK pathways; register for further communications from Pfizer; and recall the experience post-congress, ie interact with the app/desktop version.

The iPhone and iPad app facilitated a European first in the Pharma congress experience with delegates experiencing the augmented reality experience at the booth as well as at home. Delegates gained a physical experience of the JAK Pathway at the booth through the use of a 3D object -the octahedron - that delegates held in front of an iPad as well as being able to take home their own 3D box for use on their mobile devices. Each side of this physical object triggered a 3D augmented reality quiz experience, representing different steps in the JAK pathway mode-of-action.
The aim of the experience was to ‘build up’ a JAK pathway, by selecting the experiences in the correct order. Upon completion, a 3D animation showing the whole JAK pathway sequence played. Despite the experience taking an average of 15 minutes for each delegate to work through, it was completed by approximately 500 delegates over a 3 day period. The use of augmented reality helped communicate a cutting-edge science involved in the process, while making the entire experience fun and memorable for the audience.

Judges said:

Brilliant and innovative way of helping HCPs understand a complicated MoA and attracting them to the stand. Great implementation and execution for education on a mobile platform.

Finalist: Prostate Assistance App

By: AstraZeneca Global

Prostate Assistance App Prostate Assistance App Prostate Assistance App
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AstraZenecas prostate cancer drug Zoladex has been on the market for around 25 years and the company has established a rich heritage as the market leader in this therapy area. The Prostate Assistance smartphone and iPad app was developed to build on this heritage and to help UK men suffering from prostate cancer to manage their condition. The app offers patients a unique opportunity to track their own PSA (prostate specific antigen) levels effectively giving them greater control over their condition. The app includes educational and reference materials to help patients understand the disease as well as the ability to record appointments and store physician details.

Although the app is freely available through ITunes, the primary distribution method is via HCPs. This strategy ensures patients see the value from the app because it is being offered and recommended by their own doctor. At the same time, the app is valued by doctors because it helps patients to manage their health. In addition to helping men to find health information for their condition, the Prostate Assistant app enables patients to log their PSA data and keep track of their levels over time. It also includes essential direct e-mail and call connectivity with the patients GPs and hospitals.

Finalist: Incivo SVR app


Incivo SVR app Incivo SVR app Incivo SVR app
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The SVR app was created as an iPad application which could be installed on to the representatives' iPads to demonstrate to HCPs in Phase I and to present the core INCIVO efficacy data in a compelling and easy to interpret way for HCPs. Enabling HCPs to easily input a patient’s viral load values at key time points, the app allows calculation of the likely required treatment duration and predicted cure rates and includes cure rates by breakdown of all baseline characteristics, enabling HCPs to see more specific data for patients within their care. Additionally the team wanted to create a tool which would be of use to HCPs in clinic and which would have longevity.

Thanks to its release on iTunes as Phase II, HCPs will be able to have this useful resource on their own iPads in clinic, with links to other INCIVO digital assets incorporated within the app, and the app is promoted on also, creating a joined up push-and-pull campaign where assets are cross-promoted.

Finalist: Velcade Mobile


Velcade Mobile Velcade Mobile Velcade Mobile
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With three clear objectives the Velcade app aimed to educate HCPs to assist in the diagnosis, monitoring, management and treatment of patients and support them throughout the patient journey, through helpful tools such as the Dose calculator; Dose Modification Calculator; and Administration and Reconstitution sections. Intuitive content flow allows HCPs to pick up and use with minimal instruction. A similar flow in both iPhone and iPad versions to allow for familiarity between versions.

Finalist: Key Account Manager (KAM) Digital Suite

By: Quintiles

Key Account Manager (KAM) Digital Suite Key Account Manager (KAM) Digital Suite Key Account Manager (KAM) Digital Suite
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An innovative suite of commercial support tools was developed for the PLENADREN sales-force to help drive customer awareness, education and confidence. By developing an interconnected set of iPad applications, underpinned with easily accessible supporting scientific evidence, messages and case studies, ViroPharma empowered KAMs to determine a customer’s profile, understand disease management thinking and develop communication strategies that drive customer awareness, education and ultimately product adoption. The suite maximised efficiency in delivering impactful sales messages to customers via a small key account sales-force.

With an interactive customer profiling tool designed and built in parallel with a Sales Aid and Objection Handler, highly-tailored details were created quickly and easily. Intuitive navigation meant users moved smoothly from customer profiles to an impactful presentation in only three clicks.

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