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Self-directed digital selling tool

Sponsored by PharmiWeb Solutions

Established in 2003, PharmiWeb Solutions is a privately owned, hybrid technology and creative solutions business with a pharma and healthcare focus. We work with eight of the eleven largest global pharma companies on a pan-European and broader international basis. We have a full range of digital marketing capabilities that are underpinned by robust technology solutions and solid strategy and planning. Our strategy and subsequent marketing programmes are developed on a case by case basis and are informed by our deep sector and therapy area expertise. Across all our work our network partnerships ensure global reach.

Winnercobas HPV test native app

By: Story Worldwide
cobas HPV test native app cobas HPV test native app cobas HPV test native app
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Killing 1000 women in the UK every year, cervical cancer is the most common cancer in women under 35. An app was needed to increase HCPs' awareness of the limitations of current practice, the link between HPV and cervical cancer, the need for HPV triage and the advantages of genotyping. Clear information architecture with the user experience always in mind ensured the resulting app quickly became a tool used by clinicians as well as sales representatives, with praise from all users as a teaching tool, as well as providing relevant statistics and information in a clear and easy to use way.

Judges said:

Innovative use of infographics created a very customer-centric app, so much so that customers have been requesting it!

Finalist: Imigran® Subject™ Email Campaign

By: Havas Life Medicom

Imigran® Subject™ Email Campaign Imigran® Subject™ Email Campaign Imigran® Subject™ Email Campaign
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Every day in the UK 190,000 people suffer a migraine attack, and as a result over half miss work or school. The annual esitmated healthcare cost is £150 million with the economical impact estimated at £2.25 billion. Brand awareness amongst GPs was needed, specifically looking to support patients that suffered from morning migraines, sudden onset and vomiting with migraines. The resulting series of six illustrative patient stories, distributed to GPs by email on a monthly basis, captured the attention of hte audience and surpassed accepted industry benchmarks for email campaigns.

Finalist: Seretide Online eDetail


Seretide Online eDetail Seretide Online eDetail Seretide Online eDetail
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Protecting market share and driving growth were a big challenge for the therapy area brand leader. A clinically credible and informative online resource was developed to support HCPs to help them understand patient's perceptions of their own condition; conduct a step-wise approach to asthma; understand the importance of earlier recognition of COPD symptoms; and communicate the value and effectiveness of the product. Feedback demonstrated that the resource was well received by HCPs who spent on average over 10 minutes on the presentation, focussing on key content that could lead to a beneficial change in the way they managed asthma patients in their care.

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