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WinnerHarnessing online parenting networks to educate parents to keep watching for meningitis – for the community, by the community

By: Ruder Finn
Harnessing online parenting networks to educate parents to keep watching for meningitis – for the community, by the community Harnessing online parenting networks to educate parents to keep watching for meningitis – for the community, by the community Harnessing online parenting networks to educate parents to keep watching for meningitis – for the community, by the community
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Vaccinations do not protect against all strains of meningitis, but 68% of parents think they do. The objective of this emotive campaign was to increase parental knowledge that children are not protected against all types of meningitis. Harnessing online parenting networks in new and innovative ways, parents were educated to Keep Watching for meningitis using a campaign built by the community, for the community. The campaign focused on mums with infants, tapping into their appetite for social media based on the fact that 93% of mums are signed up to Facebook.

A two-way dialogue Facebook page was developed to enable easy sharing of campaign messages. Educational materials including a quiz were developed along with other tools to help parents spread the word. The campaign film was screened at Picturehouse parent and baby cinema screenings, supported by TV and

social media advertising, a Twitter campaign and blogger/media relations.

Judges said:

Really well put together social media plan, with execution that has clearly delivered a very successful campaign.

Commended: It's Closer Than You Think for World Hepatitis Day

By: Red Door Communications

It's Closer Than You Think for World Hepatitis Day It's Closer Than You Think for World Hepatitis Day It's Closer Than You Think for World Hepatitis Day
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A highly successful Twitter campaign and targeted SMS outreach ensured that World Hepatitis Day 2012 engaged more people than ever before across the globe. Carefully planned, global audiences tweeted a photo of themselves performing the 'three-wise-monkeys' poses to highlight the ignorance surrounding the disease. Using the hashtag #seehearspeakno, photos were automatically curated into a bespoke online gallery. The campaign reached 1.7million people globally and over 700,000 in the UK alone and intended to inspire action: prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Traffic to the World Hepatitis Alliance website increased by 14.6% compared with the same period in 2011. This campaign is a great example of how to use technology to produce tangible health improvements for difficult to reach audiences. This 'innovation' is confirmed by the fact that the World Health Organisaton plan to use the campaign methodology as a template for future global health campaigns.

Judges said:

An innovative initiative, successfully targeting difficult to reach audiences that are in desperate need for education around Hepatitis. We liked the balance between the seriousness of the disease and the excitement around the Guinness World Record attempts.

Finalist: The Portland Hospital: Enhancing the patient journey through social media

By: Brandcast Health

The Portland Hospital: Enhancing the patient journey through social media The Portland Hospital: Enhancing the patient journey through social media The Portland Hospital: Enhancing the patient journey through social media
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The Portland Hospital wanted to boost awareness of its core services and engage with users via activities across Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, The Portland Hospital website and The Portland blog. As people value free health advice from recognised doctors, an innovative series of online Live Q&As with Portland Hospital consultants was launched. The first was on Allergy and the second on Gastroenterology. The Live Q&As were considered a huge success with at least 8 people making enquiries and further contact with the featured consultants. Through Facebook and Twitter, the campaign stimulated conversations, provided free health advice and created communities where people felt safe sharing experiences of the hospital. Top ‘Mummy Bloggers’ were given tours of the hospital, which resulted in a huge increase in online mentions of The Portland Hospital. The Facebook page has provided a great platform for parents to share their personal experiences of the hospital by posting photos, videos and links to their blogs.

Finalist: Make a Pledge

By: DDB Remedy

Make a Pledge Make a Pledge Make a Pledge
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The overall objective of this campaign was to increase brand awareness of Medela as experts in breastfeeding products and the world leaders in breast pumps. A video was produced and posted on YouTube to introduce the idea of expectant parents making a promise to their unborn child. The objective of the 'Make a Pledge' website was to allow someone to interact with their friends and family, informing them of the pledge they had made through links to Facebook and Twitter.

The pledge can be printed as a keepsake and shared with family and friends via Facebook, Twitter or email. The YouTube video is embedded on the site along with pledges other people have shared, and links to reviews of Medela products.

Within the first week 300 people had visited the site, with 250 people sharing the link; 57% of those who made pledges returned to the site; 28% of pledges were made by men – showing that awareness has been achieved among almost one third of a group not traditionally associated with this area; traffic to Medela products on Amazon increased by 30%; Facebook 'likes' increased by 33%; has been shared on at least 20 new parenting blogs; Top pledges feature the words 'love' and 'protect' in them – exactly the emotional brand personality embodied by Medela.

Finalist: Cow's Milk Allergy on You Tube

By: eBee Health

Cow's Milk Allergy on You Tube Cow's Milk Allergy on You Tube Cow's Milk Allergy on You Tube
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The Cow's Milk Allergy Aware Mission brings together parents and HCPs who are passionate about sharing their experiences so they can learn from each other. Adopting the strategy 'Growing stronger together' and utilising their own global video channel on YouTube, Nutricia wanted to uncover content needs through key search terms and co-creation groups. The campaign aimed to empower parents to work with their healthcare providers to diagnose CMA, and support them through three key stages - symptoms, diagnosis and management. The channel was co-created by parents and HCPs who developed a content plan and filmed themselves answering each other's questions, which were then uploaded to YouTube. Traffic to the channel was through word of mouth and keyword tags developed from social media monitoring and terms generated within the workshop. Feedback has been excellent and demonstrates that by using social media parents are educating each other rather than being taught by professionals; the channel simply facilitates this process. This way ensures that true needs are met and the focus remains on what real people suffering with the condition want and need to know. YouTube is not yet widely used in pharma, but by setting up a system whereby parents' videos are put through the pharma approval process before upload the team were able to provide a true social media experience within the requirements of the Code.

Finalist: Red Lounge

By: emotive

Red Lounge Red Lounge Red Lounge
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With 60% of employees accessing company information outside the office using their laptop or iPad, Viiv were faced with the dilemma of multiple communication channels being available but not effectively used by employees. This led to feelings of isolation and duplication of efforts occurring. Social media was used to create a virtual community supporting the values and culture of Viiv, by allowing users to participate in a global dialogue sharing their experiences and opinions. Developed for web and as an iPad app, 'Red Lounge' enabled users to post content including written updates, images and videos. Within 6 months of launch 50% of employees from all functions and countries were using 'Red Lounge' on a regular basis, far exceeding original expectations. Feedback has been very positive, with users referring to the site as a 'real community'.

Finalist: LinkedIn Marketing for Britannia Pharmaceuticals

By: Genetic Digital

LinkedIn Marketing for Britannia Pharmaceuticals LinkedIn Marketing for Britannia Pharmaceuticals LinkedIn Marketing for Britannia Pharmaceuticals
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Britannia Pharmaceuticals wanted to raise awareness of their attendance at a number of international congresses on Parkinson’s Disease and get HCPs to request literature on their PD treatments and research. Because of LinkedIn’s international reach and audience targeting options they could specifically target Doctors, Neurologists, Gerontologists, Psychologists and PD Nurses, helping to avoid wasting precious budget. Aware that HCPs were active on LinkedIn, a three week test campaign was implemented to see what impact it would have on website visitor numbers and literature requests. At the end of the three week test LinkedIn campaign, some excellent results were achieved:

Over 450 HCPs visited the website from LinkedIn with a 0.71% bounce rate and an average conversion rate (literature request) of 21.6%. As a result of the test campaign Britannia now run the campaign on a regular basis and LinkedIn is the largest referrer of new visits to the website, achieving an average conversion rate of 15%.

Britannia Pharmaceuticals had only used offline channels to reach HCPs and the performance of those campaigns was getting less effective over time. Britannia was aware that HCPs were using the web to gather information. However, they had never run any digital marketing campaigns.

LinkedIn presented the client with a cost-effective way of engaging with HCPs on an international scale. Furthermore, unlike the more widely used email channel and Google Adwords, LinkedIn presented the client with a much greater opportunity to get noticed on a relatively small budget and to avoid competing directly with larger pharma brands.

Finalist: 'Big Lives' campaign

By: HAVAS LYNX and Cake

'Big Lives' campaign 'Big Lives' campaign 'Big Lives' campaign
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A major social media campaign was launched to re-position Nurofen from a 'strong product for strong pain' to a 'strong brand loved by strong minded people'. The 'Big Lives' campaign enabled fans to say something about themselves and engage with the Big Lives Trust, which through the Facebook app provides opportunities for fans to submit entries to help support their Big Life. Using social media, consumer's success stories were shared which subsequently inspired others. Incentivised through the Big Lives Trust, the campaign encouraged friends and families to lead as big a life as possible.


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