We filmed a behind the scenes look at the 2014 Digital Media Awards judging day, here's how the Awards entries are reviewed and the deserving winners chosen:


Entries in the Digital Media Awards are reviewed over a two stage judging process by a highly skilled and experienced panel of judges, comprising experts from industry, as well as industry medical directors/ advisors. We recognise and understand the sensitive nature of the information submitted in your entries, therefore we require all judges and web providers to sign a legally binding confidentiality agreement before appointment. 

Each judging group contains a pharma lead / group head, who will make any final decisions if required, and is also there to ensure all processes adhered to are fair and balanced.

Once judging has been completed and the Awards presented, all entries and associated information will be destroyed.  

Judging phase 1: online review

The panel is divided into sub groups according to their expertise and experience and review all entries in their relevant categories online.
No one judge reviews more than two separate categories. Last year, 37 judges took part all from the pharmaceutical industry. This year we are also looking at some non-pharma judges to give a different perspective.
As the entries are viewed at the URL you give during the entry process, please ensure your entries remain online and accessible until the completion of the judging on 12 September 2014.
The judging panel reserve the right to disqualify or move entries into alternative categories from those originally entered, if they deem it applicable. We will advise you if this is the case with any of your own entries. 

Judging phase 2: Judging day

A number of entries from each category (no more than 6) will be shortlisted based on online judging and the criteria indicated below. These entries will be invited to attend a face-to-face judging day on Wednesday 3 September. Each entry will be given 15 minutes to present – 10 minutes for presenting and 5 minutes for questions from the judges.
For both rounds your entry will be judged on the judging criteria outlined on this website. For the face-to-face judging day we recommend you devote no more than ONE slide to each of the four criteria (three for craft awards).
Remember this is your opportunity to showcase your entry.  You will need to illustrate a ‘live’ version of your activity/campaign/programme as all judges may NOT have previously seen your entry. If you cannot show a ‘live’ version, you will need to explain the detail and content of your entry. However, do remember that you only have 10 minutes to present to the judges, 15 minutes in total with questions.
We also highly recommended you to bring a client to the final judging day. This is viewed favourably by the judges and although it does not form part of the judging criteria, it is a powerful way to illustrate the impact of your campaign and demonstrate how it met its objectives. It also gives your entry increased kudos and credibility. 
There will be internet access available on the day and please feel free to bring any appropriate devices with you. Please be aware that not all judges will have smart phones, so be sure to bring with you the device that demonstrates your activity best.
Please check with Lorna with regards to your technical requirements for the day.


See the judging criteria

Meet the judging panel


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