PriMe Pharmaceutical Marketing Workshop

Strategy Masterclass


Who will benefit?

Designed for experienced marketers who want to take their strategic thinking to a new level.


Topics covered

  • Development and use of Vision in organisations
  • Interface between organisational and marketing strategy
  • Core elements of marketing strategy
  • Strategy development tools
  • Managing Risk
  • Working through change
  • Differentiation and the single-minded proposition
  • Segmentation and how to optimise customer focus
  • Strategy validation
  • Long-range planning
  • Excellent execution


Core competencies

  • In-depth understanding of the role of marketing strategy
  • Skills to use and apply key strategic tools
  • Ability to identify a strong differential position
  • Understanding of the role and power of segmentation
  • Confidence to drive successful strategy implementation


Learning outcomes

Completion of this module provides delegates with the skills and confidence to develop a powerful marketing strategy and successfully drive its implementation.



"The masterclass helped me put marketing theory and principles into practice and I found the methodical approach for successful brand planning particularly useful."
Senior brand manager, Lundbeck


PM Society Members:
£770 (£924 inc VAT)

Non-PM Society-Members:
£880 (£1056 inc VAT)